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Family-Owned Business Since 1974

I started raising pigs in 1974, when most people only raised one or two for themselves.  At that time prices for commercially raised pork were so low, it was hard to compete; and, most people were not overly concerned about where their food came from. 
Though my pigs rooted primarily in the woods and field and were not fed much grain, this was not a big enough reason to purchase my pork over commercial supermarket pork, so after 5 years I stopped. 40 years later things have changed. 
Now conventionally raised meat in most supermarkets is pumped full of hormones and antibiotics.  Even products labeled organic or natural may not be trusted to be exactly what they say they are.  So, I started to raise pigs for myself. Then friends and family wanted me to raise them for them.

I started with three pigs in April of 2009, three weeks later I had fifteen pigs. I kept four sows that fall, they were such good sows that that Spring I had around sixty pigs, from there all hell broke loose!
Now we have over two hundred and fifty pigs, with more on the way.
- Stuart White

Stuart White

I was born in Chico, California and traveled while young, my father was a retired Navy Captain. My roots have always been in Maine, our family homestead is located in Winterport.


At age 12, I was first introduced to turning in shop class. My first turning was a Walnut bowl, it took “Best in Show” in the school shop exhibition. My bowl was stolen, that made me want to turn even more, it was then, I bought my first lathe.


My father’s family were wood workers, with my father was an accomplished wood carver and wood burner. My mother’s family were farmers, my mother is an accomplished painter.

I suppose the artistic ability just comes to be naturally. 


I have been a carpenter and furniture builder for the last 45 years and a wood turner for 55 years.


Originally from New Haven, Connecticut, I’ve spent most of my life in cities on the East Coast. Having grown up in an artistic family, music, art and dance have always been an important part of my life.  My father, an architect, designer, painter and sculptor, my mother also excels at many crafts, knitting, crochet, and weaving.


A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, I learned to make jewelry after taking a few silversmithing classes, though I majored in film.


My father’s grandfather was a butcher in Germany. My father’s parents were farmers in upstate New York after immigrating to the US. As a child, I always loved visiting my grandmother’s farm, fresh air, trees, grass and animals, what kid wouldn’t love this after living in cities and suburbia.


My maternal great grandmother was an excellent cook, this was passed onto my mother and has definitely rubbed off on me, I love to cook and more importantly, I just love good food from all over the world. Growing my own herbs and vegetables gives me a greater variety of food to prepare.


I met Stuart after moving to Maine seven years ago. Life on a farm is a great antidote to living in the city. I also make wine from fruits and flowers, make jewelry, play music and bellydance.

Yasmin Kuhn


Naturally raised pork means that our pastured pork is raised without antibiotics, hormones or grain. Our pork is ractopamine and drug free.
The pigs have over 120 acres to roam and root, they also enjoy a feast of potatoes every morning. The fact that the pigs subsist on earthworms, grubs and native plants makes their meat high in Omega 3’s. People are now finding that pork fat is one of the “good” fats.
Many think it is important to know where your meat comes from, it is also important to know what your meat is fed, this makes the difference between good meat and great meat. Our cuts are well marbled giving the best meat/fat ratio, far superior to any commercially raised pork, so much better tasting and better for your health. 



Our pigs are pasture raised on our farm in Winterport, Maine. By feeding no grain, corn, soy or GMOs our pigs are raised at a natural rate, making for delicious meat. The beef and sheep used in our sausage are raised on neighboring farms that also use natural pasture raising practices. The combination of choice meat and meticulous spicing makes for and outstanding salami! We offer 6 different types of salami, all natural and nitrate free.
SOPPRESSATA - Our classic all pork soppressata is a perfect balance of garlic and whole black peppercorn.

HONEY PEEL - This all pork salami is accented with dried orange peel and a touch of honey.

SUMMER SAUSAGE - Pork and beef with a hint of mustard and ginger then smoked to perfection. 

DRIED CHORIZO -  Pork and beef sausage with plenty of garlic and oregano and just enough red pepper to give it color and a kick.

PEPPERONI - Classic beef and pork peppered sausage with overtones of anise and fennel.

SUJUK- A Turkish style fermented sausage made of beef and sheep, flavored with cumin, garlic and pepper.



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