White's Farm Authentic Salami

The pork is raised on our farm in Winterport, Maine. We bring our White's Farm meat to Smith's Log Smokehouse in Monroe where we season and stuff it into natural casings. The sausage is smoked and cured and  hung to dry for several weeks. Libby Smith, Stuart’s younger sister, oversees the business side of the smokehouse while Andrew Smith has perfected his salami recipes over the years. The beef and sheep used in our sausage are raised on neighboring farms who use natural pasture raising practices.  All of the spices we use are 100% organic.

We offer 5 different types of salami, all natural and nitrate free.
SOPPRESSATA- Our classic all pork soppressata is a perfect balance of spices, including whole black peppercrn.
HONEY PEEL - This all pork salami is accented with dried orange peel and a touch of honey.
SUMMER SAUSAGE - Pork, beef and bacon equals, smokey perfection. 
CHORIZO - All pork sausage with just enough red pepper to give it color and a kick.
PEPPERONI - Classic beef and pork peppered sausage.

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