Raising Pigs on White's Farm

I started raising pigs in 1974, when most people only raised one or two for themselves.  At that time prices for commercially raised pork were so low, it was hard to compete; and, most people were not overly concerned about where their food came from. 
Though my pigs rooted primarily in the woods and field and were not fed much grain, this was not a big enough reason to purchase my pork over commercial supermarket pork, so after 5 years I stopped. 40 years later things have changed. 
Now conventionally raised meat in most supermarkets is pumped full of hormones and antibiotics.  Even products labeled organic or natural may not be trusted to be exactly what they say they are.  So, I started to raise pigs for myself. Then friends and family wanted me to raise them for them.

I started with three pigs in April of 2009, three weeks later I had fifteen pigs. I kept four sows that fall, they were such good sows that that spring I had around sixty pigs, from there all hell broke loose.
Now we have over two hundred and fifty pigs, with more on the way.
- Stuart White
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